One Tin Lighter

Great to see this new initiative from Bruichladdich to reduce their packaging & emissions and use more sustainable materials across their full operation 🌍

Now is the time for positive action. As the new default, we’re removing our tins on our web-shop and in our distillery shop. Today, we ask you to support this decision by leaving the tin out of your basket. Long-term, that’s one less tin produced and transported, one less tin that could end up in landfill, and one big vote of confidence for a more progressive future.

Our aim is to one day remove all of our tins globally. It’s a massive task but one that’s achievable if we start one tin at a time. Start with us today and choose to go one tin lighter.” – Bruichladdich

You can read more here 💚

As we’ve already got our Black Art 8.1 bottle from Bruichladdich before this announcement , we can confirm it will come with its tin – ENTER NOW 🎟

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