It all started with a dram.

Three mates with a shared passion for whisky.

DramDraw began during the first national lockdown back in April 2020. Over a few good Zoom call drams, three best mates wanted to bring some of the most prized whiskies on the market to fellow enthusiasts for the price of a dram!

Located in Scotland’s friendliest city, Glasgow, they have been lucky enough to get out and visit some of Scotland’s most recognised distilleries and sample some of their most sought-after whisky!

The friends all share a passion for whisky at DramDraw –  one enjoys collecting rare bottles, one enjoys dropping into some historic distilleries while exploring Scotland and the other likes to call himself the official sampler!


Unlocking Passion

Whisky isn’t cheap. This in turn means that less people choose to try it only because it can burn a hole in their pocket. We want to give people the chance to experience some of the world’s best whiskies for the same price as a dram.


Uisge Beath

That’s Scots Gaelic for ‘water of life’. Every ticket sold on DramDraw provides support to provide safe, clean drinking water to those who need it most. Read more about our charity partner here.


Spark Appreciation

Whisky is a piece of history. The liquid in your glass was gathered, distilled and stored at least 3 years ago but more likely much much earlier than that. We live in a fast-paced culture where we don’t really think about what we are drinking, never-mind the craftsmanship that went in to it. So slow down, relax and appreciate a dram.

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A passion for whisky can be rather expensive – At DramDraw we believe that everyone should have the chance to own their own prized bottle, whether that be to drink and enjoy or to tuck away for that special occasion all for the price of a dram!


Signing up as a DramDraw member gives you exclusive access to the DramDraw Members group where people come together to share photos, videos and stories of all things whisky.

Charity Partners

Here at DramDraw we believe it is important to give back. By partnering with FRANK WATER, every paid ticket will contribute towards providing one person with safe, clean drinking water, toilets and good hygiene for life.